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Temple Run is a non-Euclidean running game from iMangi Studios for iOS in which your objective is to jump, slide, and lean to avoid death by various nasty traps.

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Is there any pattern for artifacts in temple run?

I am just wondering if there is any pattern which will give us artifacts or is it just purely by luck. The reason I am asking is for the past few weeks I am waiting for ring artifacts in temple run 2. ...
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What is the reward for completing the Frozen Artefacts in the new update?

With the new update there are new artefacts to collect and usually there is a reward for collecting them all (e.g. a hat) but for the new frozen artefacts I have collected them all but haven't seen ...
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Why disable powerups?

I noticed after playing Temple Run 1 for a while and fully upgrading my powerups that there's an option for disabling powerups. My question is how game mechanics handle this decision, and I have a ...
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How many seconds it will take to activate resurrect after a finishing a resurrect in Temple run?

In Temple Run I have activated resurrect, this power is active for me 30 seconds. After 30 seconds it is deactivated. Now I want to again activate the resurrect power but it will activate after a ...
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Is running speed determined by distance, coins or score?

As a strategic motive, I would like to speed up less, but I don't know how running velocity is calculated? Is it fixed to the meters run, so not much can be done about it? Or to coins, so I could ...
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Pros and cons of periodically running yourself into wall in Temple Run?

In Temple Run if I run myself into the wall in quick succession, I will be killed by the flesh-eating monkeys. However if I space out when I run into the wall, this seems like a strategic way of ...
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How are people getting such high scores as 9x10^18 in Temple Run?

I see daily high scores in the billions and the all time high scores are ridiculously high, how are people getting these scores?
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Is it better to not buy some upgrades in Temple Run?

Buying most upgrades gives the chance that they will appear as you run. What is unclear to me is whether I can influence the likelihood that I'll get a given powerup by NOT buying the others. The ...
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How does distance measurement work in Temple Run?

In Temple Run, you run away from stuff. As you run, popups come up every 500m to tell you your distance. As you get farther, you seem to run faster. Here's the question: do you actually run faster? I ...
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Should I always turn the same direction in Temple Run?

In Temple Run the path diverges sometimes. You either have to turn left or right. (I've never seen a choice between forward or left/right - it's either a forced direction turn, running straight ahead, ...
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In what order should I upgrade my stuff in Temple Run?

When you get coins in-game in Temple Run, you can spend them on upgrades like Invisibility (which makes you invulnerable to obstacles), a boost that shoots you ahead like the Bullet Bill in Mario Kart ...
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Do the different characters in Temple Run affect gameplay?

Do the different characters in Temple Run change the game in any way except visual appearance? Do they have different skills, or is it all just visual changes?
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6 votes
3 answers

How can I increase my Temple Run multiplier?

In Temple Run, I have all the objectives completed, but my multiplier is only 35. My friend's multiplier is at 42 and she doesn't have all the objectives. How can I get a higher permanent multiplier?...
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Resurrection - what is the best strategy?

I'm trying to determine what is the best strategy with regard to resurrection in the game temple run. On one hand it is nice to feel protected with this extra life while having the wings. Very often ...
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How do I use utilities in Temple Run?

I saved up my Temple Run coins and bought a utility (specfically, the one that looks sort of like wings, and says "When active, you resurrect immediately after death"). I have played a whole bunch ...
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How do multipliers work in Temple Run?

In Temple Run, after the run, you see your current multiplier. Collecting objectives also gives you multipliers, but how do they work? When I get an objective that says multiplier 24x (or any other ...
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How can you jump further in Temple Run?

I'm playing Temple Run for iOS and there are parts where you need to jump really far in order to get over a broken path. Does anyone know how to jump over these tricky parts? Is there a way to jump ...
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