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Questions tagged [wasteland]

Wasteland is a CRPG game, released in 1988. It is party-based, set in a post-apocalyptic American Mid-West.

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Why did the Matthias character on Wasteland 2 have a portrait of Pope Clement V

I was reading about history, then I realized that the portrait of the Matthias character is the same that a painting of the pope Clement V. There is a reason for that? Its a wink or something like ...
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1 answer

What impact does my character's nationality have in Wasteland?

When creating a character in Wasteland, you are prompted to choose your nationality. What impact does this have on gameplay? I couldn't figure out if it mattered.
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In Wasteland, why use Knife or Fists instead of Brawling?

This is a min/max efficiency question. Are there in-game situations where it makes practical sense to have knife fight or pugilism skill instead of focusing your limited supply of skill points on ...
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How do I level up skills in Wasteland?

I am a big Wasteland fan from the days of yore. However, now that I'm replaying the game, I can't figure out how to give my characters new skill points. I know already that if, for example, I give ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do I get money in the Wasteland?

I'm playing back through the original Wasteland game, in anticipation of the kickstarted sequel. With all the strategy guides around, most of it is easy and rewarding, but I'm stuck for how to get ...
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How do I leave a location in Wasteland?

I have started playing Wasteland for the first time and I'm trying to figure out the controls. While the guide has been very helpful, I can't seem to find how to leave a location. For example, I have ...
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3 votes
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Is there a way to access the Wasteland survival guide straight from the game?

I have only recently started playing the original Wasteland (sadly, it wasn't really available around here at the time it was published), and I have noticed that sometimes it refers to the manual. I ...
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What lore exists for the Desert Rangers?

What lore exists from the original Wasteland with respect to the Desert Rangers? Here's what has been mentioned about them as found in the upcoming Wasteland 2 project: And lastly I wanted to include ...
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Are *all* items limited to a certain number per game in Wasteland?

My first introduction to RPG gaming was Wasteland on my old Commodore 64. Many of the items that are key to the story line (i.e. servo motors) only appear in a limited number during the game. However, ...
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