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WildStar is a fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place on the fictional planet Nexus. See

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Wildstar cancel subscription

Since I bought Wildstar and a 3 month subscription, I have barely played the game because of serious lack of time. Therefore, I am forced to cancel my subscription. However, when I click "MANAGE ...
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What are Boom Boxes and how can I get them on a regular basis?

In Wildstar, I have seen that there are some housing items that can only be gotten through so called Boom Boxes. I read online that they where given out in the Open Beta, but what about now? How can I ...
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Is the Retroblade Mount available to all characters?

I have recently purchased Wildstar and set up the 2 Step Account Authentication. Now I could grant my character the Retroblade Mount from the redeem window. Is this mount only available to one ...
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Fastest place to farm gold

What's the fastest way to farm gold in Wildstar? I'm currently level 45 and have almost 4 platinum from questing, however I know there has to be a faster method that does not involve playing the ...
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Wildstar housing: Garden LvL 2

I recently found a Set for Rank 2 Gardening for my Wildstar House. After upgrading it and planted some seed and leaving my house I waited the acquired 35min for my seed to grow but when I came back ...
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Where do I get AMPs in WildStar?

I know I can buy some on the auction house and that they drop. But is that the only place?
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Why are there green pulses surrounding me at apparently random times?

Fairly often while playing I see green waves apparently emanating from my character. I can be running, standing still, etc. and I see no obvious reason for it. What does this mean?
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target command in wildstar

Is there any command in Wildstar which is similiar to WoW's /target? It's a pain in the a** going back to questgivers when i have to abandon a quest because it's bugged. About different commands I ...
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Do races affect stats?

Do races effect stats, or are they purely aesthetic? I was planning on recording my adventures so I want to know what I'm doing going into it.
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How do I create a guild in Wildstar?

How does someone create a Guild in Wildstar? What are the requirements? Where do I go? Do I need currency? Do I need people to sign a charter? Any other details?
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I accidentally installed the Wildstar Beta US client instead of the EU client. Can I fix this without reinstalling?

As it says. I forgot to change the region from US to EU when installing the Wildstar beta client, and being from EU it would be helpful to play on EU servers (not to mention I added the EU beta key to ...
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What does TTK mean?

When playing Wildstar I read a lot about TTK on the forums. I assume it has something to do with DPS but what does it actually stand for?
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