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Questions tagged [zelda-tri-force-heroes]

The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes (2015) is the direct sequel of A Link Between Worlds (2013) for Nintendo 3DS, developed and published by Nintendo, alongside Grezzo. Unlike other titles in the Legend of Zelda series, Tri Force Heroes is played by three players simultaneously, each controlling a differently colored version of Link (Red, Blue, and Green). Use this tag for questions about Tri Force Heroes.

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How to report disruptive players?

So I was in a game where one player did nothing but throw me and the third player off cliffs until the team had no lives. I tried to find a menu or something that would let me report the player but ...
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In the Coliseum, how do you deal with opponents using sword beam outfits?

The Sword Suit and Sword Master Suit let Link fire sword beams while at full health. After several Coliseum matches against players using these outfits, I can't help but feel that they're strictly ...
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American 3ds, but I'm in France

I recently asked about zelda tri force heroes being region locked (link here Can you play with players worldwide in Zelda triforce heroes? ) And now I'm wondering, since my 3ds was bought in the USA, ...
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Can you play with players worldwide in Zelda triforce heroes?

I was looking at the game's official website, and it said that you can play with players around the world. But I also read on a comment on Youtube saying that you could olny play with players in your ...
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How do I get Friendship Tokens?

You need Friendship Tokens to craft some of the special tunics in the game. The game manual says nothing on how to get them. The in-game people imply that you have to play with "New Friends," which ...
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What songs can the bouncing music ball play?

In the lobby of Triforce Heroes, you can run into the walls to make a bouncing music ball drop from the ceiling. When striking the ball, it plays one of many different tunes until it hits the ground ...
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