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How to win on Might & Magic Heroes VI - Haven - Something Is Rotten campaign map

How fast are you at attacking? In general, speed is absolutely essential in campaigns, as the opponents often start with much more stuff than you, you must conquer a majority quickly to even the odds, ...
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What's the best strategy to defeat Haven Campaign 1st mission - 'Something is Rotten'?

Capture the fort and the mines in your area, then try to go east and north to complete the Griffin Quest. Once you have a sufficient army, attack the Lake Orcs and do not stop until you have captured ...
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What does swords icon mean after attack in Might and Magic Heroes VI?

The 2 crossed swords icon means might damage. Certain abilities will reduce or increase the might damage of a stack of monsters. My guess is you saw for example -1 X (crossed swords icon), meaning ...
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After clearing necropolis hero-champion in last campaign I do not get access to the next cave enterance?

In order to make sure that all the prerequisites have been met and all forts captured on each mission, you can check the link below: It has all ...
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