I am considering buying myself a Dreadnought, the Gallente "Moros".

Besides the obvious Battleship and Capital Ship Skill to sit in it, what do I need or is recommended in skills to make use of the ship?

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A preliminary warning

My first advice would be: "If you're asking this question, do not buy it."

I know, it's harsh. But if you are wondering both what skills you need and what your primary role will be, you might be in a corp that do not need Dreadnoughts for now.

Dreadnoughts are a massive investment in skills and resources. (And time, either to skill or gather these resources)

If you want your first combat Capital, please consider a Carrier, which is generally much more useful in a corp that mostly flies subcaps.

Answering your question

There are tons of skills useful when flying capitals. Of course, being able to fit all T2 support modules (even if you fit faction or better, the skill bonus will matter) is always a good idea, and as usual, all these passive bonuses from all the generic skills will matter. Believe me you don't want to fly a Dread under-skilled.

However, there are two sets of skills you absolutely need if you don't want your BS to be a shiny brick drifting in space and waiting to be on your enemies' killmails:

  • I am playing Eve since 4 years, so I do have a general idea of the matter. I just wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything and also thought this might be a good question along with the other for the content of the site in general. Besides that, I am not gonna buy it tomorrow since I do not even have BS V as Industrialist. I just happen to like the Hull of the Moros and thats why I consider getting one for combat. Carrier is on the way, so maybe I buy one along the way.
    – user28015
    Commented Mar 5, 2013 at 8:47
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    I hope I did not offend you. I did not meant to judge your skills / experience. But as you pointed out, this question will remain on arQAde, and will be read by new EVE players who will be in for a big disappointment if they rush to Dreadnought :) Commented Mar 5, 2013 at 8:59

This is a sample skill package for a Moros. The numbers are the recommended levels.


Energy Management 4
Energy Systems Operation 5
Engineering 5


Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5
Capital Hybrid Turret 2
Controlled Bursts 4  
Large Hybrid Turret 5   
Gunnery 5
Medium Hybrid Turret 3
Motion Prediction 4 
Rapid Firing 4  
Sharpshooter 4   
Surgical Strike 3 
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 3 
Trajectory Analysis 3
Weapon Upgrades 5


Capital Repair Systems 3  
EM Armor Compensation 3 
Explosive Armor Compensation 3
Hull Upgrades 5    
Kinetic Armor Compensation 3
Mechanics 5
Repair Systems 5  
Thermic Armor Compensation 3


Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Drive Operation 5 
Jump Fuel Conservation 4
Navigation 5
Warp Drive Operation 5 


Biology 3
Cybernetics 2
Nanite Control 3 
Neurotoxin Recovery 3 
Science 5
Thermodynamics 3

Spaceship Command:

Advanced Spaceship Command 5
Gallente Battleship 5
Gallente Cruiser 4
Gallente Dreadnought 3
Gallente Frigate 4
Capital Ships 3
Spaceship Command 5

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