I am trying to explore every area in Guild Wars 2 right now and one of the areas that I have not been able to get into is Ulukk's Hunger in Dredgehaunt Cliffs.

Outside the "entrance" to the area, there are two Grawl City Guards and talking to them will yield a reply of "Our city is inside. I am sorry but we do not allow visitors."

How do I get into their city?

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If you'd like to simply have the area under your belt for the sake of the exploration achievement, I believe you can get this by hugging the edge of the accessible region outside it, similar to the edge-walking you may remember from GW1.

If you want to actually get inside the area, you'll need to choose the Grawl as your Racial Sympathy story choice (asura/charr/norn). This will give you the Doubt mission which takes place inside Ulukk's Hunger.


As the wiki says:

The nearby Grawl City Guard states that this area contains a Grawl city, but it is currently inaccessible. In fact, it s barely possible to reveal this area on the map. From the Grawl City Guards, proceed north into the extremely short tunnel until you reach the ice wall.

I didn't help the Grawl in my personal story, but I have the zone, so hugging the wall is a working method, maybe try to follow the wiki instructions to it, I must admit I got it without noticing.

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