I have yet to get either an ADA Refactor or Jarvis Virus but I am curious about their use.

If an enemy portal has Links/Fields attached and you flip it with a Refactor/Virus, do you gain AP for taking down the Links/Fields?

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No, you won't get any AP from using a virus/refactor on a portal. All of the attached Links and Fields will be destroyed, but no AP will be gained: these items are already powerful as they are, since you become the owner of the portal along with every Mod attached to it.

  • Does it flip the resonators or destroy them?
    – Neon1024
    Aug 8, 2013 at 10:31
  • 4
    Resonators are not destroyed. Also, using the virus costs a whole lot of XM. Aug 8, 2013 at 12:09
  • 7
    1000 XM per portal level
    – Kappei
    Aug 8, 2013 at 12:16

You won't get any AP for flipping a portal, even though all the links and fields get destroyed.

The portal, as it was, will only change it's owner to either you (if it was an enemy portal) or to __ADA__ or __Jarvis__, depending on what your and the portal's faction is.

This is the result of using the Jarvis virus by a resistance agent on a resistance portal.
__Jarvis__ed portal

  • Flipping a portal means that ALL resonators and mods will change the owner

    • note: the comm message will say "user xy destroyed a resonator", however, there WON'T be an associated deploy or capture event (this technique is used to somewhat confuse Guardian hunters)
  • The Capture date will change to the day the portal was flipped and the day counter will reset.

  • The maximum of 1xL8,L7,.. resonators or 2 mods per agent don't apply for the flipping and also if you are level 5, you can flip a portal with L8 resonator.
    !! However, if the limits are exceeded you won't be able to deploy ANY additional resonators.

  • The cost to flip a portal is 1000 XM per portal's level.

  • Using the Jarvis or ADA by the same faction agent is useful if you want to get rid of blocking links.
    *note that you can't use the Jarvis virus on a green portal and ADA on a resistance portal in order to do so.

  • There is 1 hour cooldown, where the portal won't get flipped after using a Virus, but you will still lose your Virus if you try to do so! Also the portal will not tell you if it is protected or not beforehand.

Youtube videos of Viruses in action:

Ingress Jarvis virus effects on a linked portal.
Jarvis virus used by a resistance agent.

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