Now that shadowrun returns is available on both PC and mobile devices, can I transfer my save game from the PC over to, say, my android phone or vice versa?


Yes it's possible

As quoted from an admin on shadrowrun.com (here), follow those steps :

Step one: Connect your Android device to your computer, and ensure it's acting as a media device, (this lets you access it via USB to move files).

Step two: Grab the desired saved game(s) from your machine, (http://shadowrun-returns.wikispaces.com/Game+File+Locations+by+OS).

Step three: Copy the file(s) to Android/data/com.harebrainedschemes.shadowrun/files/Saves

Step four: Load Shadowrun Returns and verify the saved game files appear in "Load Game".

Step five: Play!

This is just an assumption but I think it might work the other way arround. However, I would backup files before overwritting anything. Better safe than sorry.

  • sweet! thanks! I'll award the bounty tomorrow as soon as it allows me. – l I Dec 17 '13 at 22:55

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