Is There a Way to Change government Type in Victoria 2 because I want to change to a communist to get more mobilization troops.

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You can change your government type via reforms, revolutions, or cheating. Sounds like you want a quick fix, so here are the quick cheating options:

If you absolutely, positively need to change government, try the following cheat codes. Like other codes, hit F12 to open up a screen, then type the code (e.g. "event 23111" or "money") followed by [Enter]. When you are finished entering codes, Alt-F12 closes the window.

  • event 23111 - Reform to Monarchy, Laws by Decree
  • event 23112 - Reform to Presidential Dictatorship, Laws by Decree
  • event 23113 - Reform to Proletarian Dictatorship, Laws by Decree, One Party
  • event 23114 - Reform to Constitutional Monarchy, HMS Government
  • event 23115 - Reform to Presidential Dictatorship, HMS Government
  • event 23116 - Reform to Democracy, Parliamentary, Multi-Party System
  • event 23100 - Socialist Revolution (Proletarian Dictatorship)
  • event 23101 - Liberal Revolution (Democracy)
  • event 23102 - Conservative Revolution (Presidential Dictatorship)
  • event 23103 - Reactionary Revolution (Monarchy)

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