I installed it like normal, then ran it. It wanted to download some first-run data so it took 4-5 mins doing that. Then I got a screen that said "Download complete. Tap OK to play." I tapped OK and the screen went black. A few seconds later it went back to my home screen. All additional attempts to open it have resulted in the black screen followed by home. Any suggestions?

My device is a Pandigital Novel running Android. I did NOT get the app from Gameloft.

Note: Modern Combat, not Modern Warfare. This question is about the app, not Call of Duty.

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You have a Pandigital Novel. I.e., it's a low-end device that can't run a game like MC2 and is not supported. They only support high-end Samsung, Motorola, HTC and Sony devices. From their FAQ:

My phone isn't listed; can I order the game for a different phone and use it on mine?

If your phone doesn't appear on Gameloft's site, it is not supported. Picking an alternate phone, even if the model numbers are similar, will not work. Before adding a phone, we perform various tests to make sure that we can maintain the quality that gamers expect from Gameloft. However, we regularly add new phones to our website. If your phone isn't listed on the site, please check back regularly. If it's a popular phone, it's likely we will add it as soon as we can.

Get a refund if you can.

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