When you have played a contract multiple times like "Firestarter" the experience will start to get a negative modifier on it which can range to quite a high value.

I was wondering if anyone knows how I could decrease the negative effect?

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    I've not got any numbers but I believe the help just said do different missions. I assume the penalty decays in some way when not playing that mission but I can't tell you any details.
    – Chris
    Apr 24, 2014 at 10:01
  • the modifier is between -30% and +15% if i recall correctly. If you leave a heist for a while itll gain a positive multiplier on it in a bid to tempt you back to it. As the game adds more heists (i mean look how many we have now as of 16/6/16) the easier it is to play a heist without its multiplier falling, as theres a greater selection Jun 16, 2016 at 11:58

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A mission type receives an experience penalty for that type of mission when the player repetitively plays the mission "too much".

The main way to avoid this is to keep some sort of rotation of missions that you like. I personally like Mallcrasher & Jewelry Heist a lot but I accumulate high penalties very quickly. To prevent this, I throw in Four Stores, Rats, and Nightclub (I like keeping things easy). Avoid doing the same mission more than once in a row and you should be okay.

More comments in regards to experience reduction found here.


To add on to what Shelby115 said (I would comment but I don't have enough rep for that), if you do an easier job first and make sure to stealth it, you should get a 10-30% bonus for your next completed contract.

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