I used to play Skyrim with Dual Flurry Mod, Dual Parrying Mod, and Fist Grandmaster Mod which allowed far better and practical unarmed combat. One problem that I encountered was the fast unarmed combat would only work if you played in third person. I think the Joy of Perspective Mod could fix this issue, however I did test it yet.

I never played the Skyrim Requiem Mod, but it looks cool and hardcore, but it modifies all of the skill trees, which makes Fist Grand-master mod incompatible.

Is there away to improve/speedup the unarmed combat in Skyrim Requiem mod or is not worth pursuing? Thanks.


There is one thing I know how to improve your speed and that is to wear a full light armor set. If you wear a Light Armor set you can have these advantages according to this wiki:

  • Lighter and less movement penalty.
  • Less noisy, making sneaking easier.
  • Unhindered perk (worn light armor is weightless) is available 20 levels earlier than Heavy Armor's Conditioning, and doesn't require taking two highly situational perks to unlock.
  • Uses less stamina when sprinting.
  • Stamina recovers faster with Wind Walker perk.
  • Can be faster than the enemy, allowing you to run away from a battle or pursue a fleeing enemy.
  • The lighter weight allows for the carrying of multiple suits of armor, each fine-tuned for specific enemies and situations, without drastically taking up encumbrance.
  • Fully mastering the Light Armor tree requires two fewer perks over Heavy Armor (10 total points versus 12), allowing for more growth in other skill trees.
  • Deft Movement has a small chance to negate combat damage, increasing overall defense.
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