On my healer commando, I obtained some mods to increase my Alacrity. I understand that it increases the speed at which abilities are casted, but what exactly does that mean.

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An example of a casted ability is Mortar Volley for the Trooper (Death from Above for the Bounty Hunter). Without any Alacrity, that move takes 3 seconds to complete. With 5% Alacrity, it will take 2.85 seconds ((1 - 0.05) * 3).

Since the 3.0 patch, Alacrity affects virtually everything: Cooldowns (internal timers, the Global Cooldown (GCD), and ability cooldowns), cast and channel times, tick speed of channels and Damage over Time (DoT) abilities, etc. As such, 1% Alacrity is essentially a 1% increase in Damage or Heals Done per Second (DPS/HPS). This is a bit simplified, since using Alacrity means giving up other stats you could use instead, but overall Alacrity is now very useful.

  • After experimenting a bit myself, i cant really agree that 1% alacrity is 1% more DPS... if you are not a healer or casting DPS (usually ranged) then alacrity is not very useful compared to other stats. Alacrity also has a diminishing return, so trying to stack it to make your DoTs tick faster or getting a lot of seconds off a cooldown wont be possible without gimping yourself on other stats. Also worth mentioning, not all abilities get a reduced cooldown from alacrity, the general stunbreak that every class has is not reduced, neither is cloak on sith assassin or operatives.
    – Vahx
    Jan 2, 2015 at 15:37
  • @Vahx Alacrity reduces time across the board; 3 GCDs will be shortened the same amount that a 4.5s channel will be, so it doesn't differ in that regard. Every stat except Power has a DR, but Alacrity has the shallowest curve of any other stat -- Surge's curve is far worse. It is affected by downtime in fights and some bugs, but generally speaking it's quite good. See this Reddit post for hard numbers. Jan 2, 2015 at 17:54
  • @Sergii Edits are not for changing what an answer says. They are for spelling and grammar mistakes, and updating for clarity. If an answer is wrong, you downvote it and/or leave a comment; you don't edit it to what you think is right. To that end, I have rolled back your edit.
    – Frank
    Aug 28, 2017 at 11:51

No, that is not how that works.

If it did, that would mean 100% alacrity turns your GCD and other Cooldowns into thin air. You would be a god capable of killing anything instantly.. because for all the game cares you could unleash a billion attacks in a millisecond.

Alacrity increases the speed at which you operate. It doesn't Multiply, it devides.

That means a 3sec ability would not be done 5% faster flat out, but rather be done at 105% of normal operating speed. Thus turn the ability into 3/1.05=2.857 seconds.

Doesn't seem like a big deal with these small cooldowns, but once you apply it to a 3 minute one you'll see there is quite a difference between the 2 manners of calculating it. And I assure you mine is the right one.

  • Except it doens't mean 100% = no cooldown. Your own formula shows that; 100% alacrity would mean 3/(1+1) = 1.5 seconds. It makes it twice as fast, not eliminates it entirely.
    – Frank
    Aug 27, 2017 at 13:34

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