I've been buying heroes with Gems but the chances of me getting Legendary heroes doesn't seem to be that great. Is there a "best" time of day or day of week or holiday period that I should be saving my gems to buy them at that time? Maybe something else is involved when purchasing heroes with gems that helps the chances? Please help.

  • This is very opinionated, but all you can do is hope you get lucky – John Dec 15 '17 at 14:10

As far as I know, there is no optimal time to spend gems, there may eventually be an event that might help you with that but as far as I know, the answer to your question is no.


There's a discover the treasure event now and then. You will get a chance to win random awards by spending 2k gems. Personally I got 3 cupids out of the event. Now hero collector is the new thing, but you gotta save around 60k gems to worth a try.


I use the following strategy usually, when in the lost world I get a purple bag of pinnacle or golden key fighting or in a chest, I try if I'm lucky, I managed a large number of legendary heroes in this form.

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