I was exploring caves, on one of the treasure hunt quests, and found a large quantity of what looked like fallen rock, which highlighted when using Witcher Senses.

Example of Symbol

As shown in the image above, there was a symbol that showed up at the same time. I assumed that I should clear this, using either Aard or a bomb - but neither of these worked.

What does this symbol mean, and/or (vaguely related), how would I clear this rockfall?

  • It appears that, after a little more Googling (using the quest instead of odd descriptions of the symbol), that this is something I will acquire later in the quest.
    – Jeeva
    May 24, 2015 at 10:53

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Answering the details would be a minor spoiler, this symbol is explained in an early main quest. You can't clear this before you complete that main quest and receive a particular item.

During the quest "Wandering in the Dark" you encounter illusions like this and Keira gives you the eye of nehaleni, which allows you to dispel any illusion


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