There are a few items I'd buy at the Supply Shack in-game store but I'm afraid that they're otherwise hidden throughout the game. What Supply Shack items can be found in other parts of the game, and what happens if I purchase the item before I find it? Would I find the money in the chest instead or is the money wasted?

In the case of the Crafting/Enhancement/Refinement Tools, of which I know some are found hidden in the world, what happens if I purchase the item before finding it in a chest? Do I automatically unlock the next highest level of tool, or would I pay full price each time for each tool?


Both the crafting and enhancement tools can be found in a strongbox at various points in the game. The REFINEMENT tool (level 4 crafting) must be purchased. 175 coins. So save up for that at a minimum.

I do not know if buying one at the store upgrades you if you find a strongbox with the equivalent after purchase.


they cant be found in the world itself. they are exclusive to this ingame shop.

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    I found Crafting & Enhancement in chests, so I'm not sure where you're getting that info – Wolf Nov 14 '15 at 12:02
  • its not the same. there are 3 diffrent crafting and enhancement tools. one for each level Level 1 is automatically unlocked and then you can find 3 more. Two in the world and the last one is buyable in the shack It doesnt matter which one is obtained first. – Galaxys Nov 14 '15 at 12:59

I can verify, because it just occurred in my game, that if you purchase a lower level tool from the shack, you will receive the next higher tool out in the wild. I accidentally bought the enhancement tool from the shack and just now found the refinement tool where I believe I was meant to find the enhancement tool. This does suggest that you must purchase at least one tool from the shack, but it doesn't need to be the refinement tool.

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