I am trying to make a "Minecart Elevator" using command blocks. My main block has this command: /tp @e[type=MinecartRideable, r=21] ~ ~+3.3 ~. When I don't have the , r=21 part, my command works, just without the radius. But, when I add the radius back in, I get this error:

You must specify which player you wish to perform this action on. 

How can I fix this?

  • Have you tried specifying the player you want to perform that action on?
    – ave
    Jan 17, 2016 at 16:23
  • I want to perform the action on all the minecarts within a 21 block radius of the command block.
    – Merlin04
    Jan 17, 2016 at 16:29

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You cannot have spaces in target selectors. It is assuming you are skipping to the next part of the command's syntax.

/tp @e[type=MinecartRideable,r=21] ~ ~+3.3 ~
  • Aww, you beat me to the answer :P
    – Keith M
    Jan 17, 2016 at 16:38

Just use the nearest player command, /tp @p[r=3] ~ ~+3.3 ~

  • 2
    I was trying to teleport minecarts, not players. Please see the accepted answer for what I was looking for.
    – Merlin04
    Jan 17, 2016 at 22:45

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