It just started storming today. Am I in any danger of getting struck by lighting if I go outside and do stuff? If so, what are the effects of getting struck?

  • I saw a tree fall over by itself once during a storm, but I don't think it can hurt you.
    – user86571
    Mar 10, 2016 at 5:49

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No it isn't dangerous. The only effect of storms AFAIK is to charge up Battery packs if you have lightning rods placed. Otherwise it's considered as normal rain for fishing.


Actually, some of your crops can die in a thunderstorm, I suspect. Although, I didn't actually see the lightning hitting the specific crops, there was no other reason for the crops to have died, they had been watered every day, I had scarecrows very close to those crops, and they were warded off from the outside.

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