When I leave a map (like Ancient Pyramid, Fetid Pool, Tidal Island...) through a town portal, entrance, or teleporter and immediately return to it, the map stays explored.

But, if I don't return for about half an hour in singleplayer (without a party), I have to start over with exploring the map.

How long can I stay outside a map without losing my exploration progress?

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You can stay between 8 and 15 minutes outside an instance before it reset:

Poe wiki :

"All areas in Path of Exile are instanced. When you enter an area, a new instance is created. Once you leave the area, the instance will remain in its current state for 15 minutes for main areas - if 15 minutes passes with no players entering the instance, it will be closed. Entering the same area again will create a new instance with a new randomly generated map. Areas without side areas attached (any area with two or less exits) has a shorter timer, and will only last 8 minutes while empty."

In addition, you can open the Instance Manager menu with 'CTRL + Left Click' on an entrance (or portal) that will show you exactly the time left after the reset of the instance.

It looks like this (patch 2.2.0): Instance Manager

It is mainly use to reset manually an instance for farming a specific area.

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    Now that's how you provide evidence. +1.
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Between 8 to 15 minutes, if they are empty. They won't reset when there is a player in the instance, and the timer resets when a player entered the instance.


I can also add an in-game screenshot from the tips in the loadingscreen if needed.


Maps are Auto resetting after 15min. Have a look here, for enter the same instance.

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    It's 15 minutes if the area has two or more entrances. 8 minutes if it has just one. Commented Mar 10, 2016 at 14:38
  • That source is just a forum where one individual says "Zones aoutoreset after 15 minutes( if i remember it correctly) after u leave them." Can you confirm that from your own experience or corroborate it somewhere else?
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