I read that both Aipom and Minccino posses the same Hidden Ability Skill Link. So, is it possible for a male Aipom with Skill Link and a female Minccino without the HA to have a Minccino having the Hidden Ability?

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As I covered on your last question, Male Pokemon only have a chance to pass on their Hidden Ability (HA) when bred with Ditto. Even if they share the same ability, your male HA Aipom and Female Non-HA Minccino will not produce a Minccino with it's Hidden Ability.

In order to obtain a Hidden Ability Minccino, you will have to either

  • Trade for one
  • Transfer one up from 5th Gen (obtained from the Dream World)
  • Have a Normal-type Friend Safari in X or Y where Minccino will appear, and catch it there.

Think of Abilities like 'slots' rather than what the actual ability might be. Most Pokemon have two regular Ability slots, and one Hidden Ability slot.

Minccino as an example, has:

  • Slot #1: Cute Charm
  • Slot #2: Technician
  • Hidden Slot: Skill Link

As a female, Minccino has an 80% chance of passing down its Ability slot. If your female Minccino has Cute Charm, then it has a 80% chance of passing on Cute Charm. The rest of the percentage will be randomly chosen between the two normal slots, i.e. Cute Charm and Technician. Only when it has it's Hidden ability will it have a chance to pass it on.

You can read more about Ability inheritance on Bulbapedia's Breeding Guide

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