In DotA2, I cannot start a game. After pressing the find match button, I get a message:

Cannot queue for matchmaking at this time.

This happens for both normal games or ranked games.
I could not find anything about a hypothetical penalty, neither in the UI for starting a game nor on my profile.

  • Why does it happen?
    It is a penalty? It could have to do with abandoned games.
  • Can I see this state anywhere?
  • How long can I expect it to last?

My game client is up-to-date.


It's a known bug and it occurs when you leave a finished game too early. To fix this, create custom lobby and leave it or type "disconnect" in console. Then you should be able to queue normally.

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    This workaround doesn't seem to work in 2020. – lukad Jun 28 '20 at 11:09

This is actually a penalty for various types of misbehavior, such as disconnecting mid-game.

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    The information contained in this answer is redundant to previous answers. If you want to add the small point that it is a penalty rather than a bug, a comment on the other answer would be better than an entirely new answer. – ExpertCoder14 Apr 30 at 23:15

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