I'd like to sell all my unclaimed clothing, particularly all the Giant Cave Spider Silk... but I don't want to sell ropes. Unfortunately I can only see "Giant Cave Spider S" in the trade menu.

When I've had this cutoff text problem in other menus, hitting tab a few times allowed me to see it. That doesn't work in the trade menu.

I have zoomed out, making the text small and maximized the window, but no help since it seems that menu is only a fixed width. Only way I can identify an item is to V each item one at a time.

Any suggestions on how to workaround/resolve this problem?

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When the cursor is over the good, hit v to view the specific good.

Alternately, designate a nice large stockpile near your trade depot that accepts only the kinds of stuff you want to offer for trade to make your life - and your trading times - easier.

  • Your second suggestion is excellent. When I do "Move goods to stockpile" then I will be able to see based on the distance which ones are in the nearby stockpile. Additionally things I don't want to sell like ropes won't be in the same Finished Goods Bin as things I do want to sell. As mentioned "Only way I can identify an item is to V each item one at a time." which involves 3 times as many keystrokes.
    – AaronLS
    Aug 30, 2011 at 19:32

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