How much damage does it do up close, and what's the maximum range I can be at until the damage begins to drop off? How much does the damage drop off, and what's the max drop off?

Can the weapon be burst-fired to eliminate the high spread, or is the spread unmanageable at all?


That's the most information we have at the moment.

Falloff range : 35 to 55 meters

Damage : 2.4 - 8

So max damage, 8 times 60 for 480 damage at 35 meters. (IF you land all bullets even with the spray (and x2 for all headshots))

The spread maxes out after 3 or so bullets and last for more than a second after letting go of the fire button making tapping really hard.

Long range wise, there is not much to do with this weapon. 2.4 damage a bullet with a maximum of 3 bullets that are somewhat accurate is really not enough to do much.

  • 8 - non HS ? so 960 max damage ? – Иво Недев Nov 8 '16 at 18:22
  • Well... Yeah... If you can land all bullets on headshots. If you do that in game, go buy yourself a lottery ticket asap. – Karlyr Nov 8 '16 at 19:12

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