I have a Microsoft brand Xbox 360 wireless receiver plugged into a USB hub and a controller that came with an Xbox 360. In the past, I would have trouble getting the controller and receiver to work with my PC, however it has worked before.

Now, it has a new problem: Once the controller connects (and I can see it in devices and printers), everything is OK until I move one of the analog sticks, then suddenly nothing works, not even if I reconnect the receiver.

There's more. My PC setup is set up to allow the USB hub be re-plugged into a USB device on my desk, and sometimes I plugged it into my tablet so I can play mobile games with a controller. Except, LT and RT side buttons are acting as the X and Y axis for the right joystick. I'm not sure if it has to do with the problem above, but it is very annoying.

Is there a fix to either of these problems?

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Your controller buttons might be set differently, did you mess with calibration? If not try installing latest drivers on the Microsoft website.


If anyone else has this problem, try installing the drivers from the disk/outdated drivers first, as this worked for me.

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