A previous question (How many Strongholds are spawned in an Minecraft XBox map?) states that there is only one Stronghold per map on the Xbox 360 edition. However the Xbox One edition supports much larger worlds; (5120×5120 as opposed to 864×864) does this mean there are more Strongholds on Xbox One Large maps, or is the limit still 1?

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It is still one. The Wiki states that for console versions there are only one:

There is a limit of 128 strongholds per world (1 per world in Console Edition).

Another forum confirms this (although the asker on that forum seems to not believe the person who answered despite their evidence).


I was looking for a new stronghold on the most recent Xbox One Edition update and I found 4 different strongholds. So the wiki is incorrect at the time. (I don't believe it's been updated in a while.) So yes, not for large maps but on infinite size there are multiple. I believe the same as in Java.

  • You say you don't believe its been updated in a while, but why would it be? The game has not been updated for like 2-3 years.
    – Penguin
    Commented Nov 11, 2020 at 2:39

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