The upcoming banner for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius (global) is "Gilgamesh Vanquishers". Included in this banner are Ramza (FF Tactics), Agrias (FF Tactics), Snow (FF XIII), Exdeath (FF V), and Bartz (FF V).

After some quick research, I see that Gilgamesh was Exdeath's right-hand man in Final Fantasy V. Since Bartz is the main protagonist of FF V, his presence makes perfect sense. Exdeath might be a bit of a stretch as a "vanquisher", but I haven't played FF V so maybe that makes more sense than it appears.

I also see that Gilgamesh appears as a monster in FF XIII-2. It looks like Snow at least makes an appearance in that sequel, so okay, maybe.

But why Agrias and Ramza? I've played FF Tactics dozens of times, and I don't remember Gilgamesh showing up, nor is that listed as one of his appearances on the wiki page.

It seems unlikely that this would be completely random, as there were plenty of other characters available for them to choose from that did vanquish Gilgamesh at some point, including a number from Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy IV.

So, basically, what association is there between these characters and Gilgamesh? Does he appear in Final Fantasy Tactics?

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    Gilgamesh's appearance in XIII-2 was in a separate optional arena while Snow does appear in the plot and if i recall all the Arena fights were DLC. Gilgamesh's appearance in the Arena was similar to that of the appearance of Ultros and Typhoon from Final Fantasy VI, Jihl Nabaat, Amodar and Lightning (XIII) from Final Fantasy XIII in that the Arena appearances are inconsequential to the plot (since if i recall Jihl and Amodar died and Lightning is in Valhalla in that Etro Attie, not her Guardian Corp Uniform) – Memor-X Mar 7 '17 at 23:14
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    i also recall that V's Gilgamesh was banished to the Void but the Void connected to other Final Fantasy worlds as Gilgamesh appears in another Final Fantasy Game (not Dissidia) and confuses another character for being Bartz and fight them (i think XII? might even be XIII-2) – Memor-X Mar 7 '17 at 23:17
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    You're trying to find out reasoning to a series historically known for convoluted, twisted, and downright nonsensical decisions. A series that isn't known for holding itself together between games, either. I fail to see the utility in trying to find rationale in this. – Frank Mar 7 '17 at 23:21
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    @Frank If there's no connection at all, I'm okay with that as an answer, I'm just curious if there is one and I missed it. There are other characters from games that Gilgamesh has appeared in which would have been available for them to choose, so you would think there would be some reason they chose those two. – DCShannon Mar 7 '17 at 23:42
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    [Comments Removed] - We don't need the snark guys, let's be civil please. It is not a requirement that someone leave a comment when downvoting, and the main reason for this is the exact situation that unfolded here. – Robotnik Mar 8 '17 at 4:26

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