I'm currently on a v40.24 of Dwarf Fortress, and I'm lost on all the possibilities on the stockpiles menus...

My brewer is at the top level of my fortress, near the seeds and near my farm. But my carpenter is 8 levels below, so my brewer need to go get those empty barrels pretty far from his store. So, I would love to make a stockpile of empty barrels, just next to him.

So far, I would have think that this options was in Furniture/Siege Ammo -> Type, and there would be the Barrel option, but there isn't !

So: How could I make a stockpile only of empty barrels ?

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Barrels are indeed found under Furniture/Siege Ammo -> Type, but on the second page. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the first page to open the second page, as in the screenshot below.

Stockpile settings with barrels highlighted

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