Cursor is sitting on the darkened "8" block.

So, I'm playing VIM adventures to get a grasp on basic VIM. In this case, the game is asking me to reach that key in the bottom right. The cursor is currently sitting on the darkened "8" block. I cannot move the cursor onto the numbers sitting over the bottomless pit. Once a block is passed over, it disappears, which is how I ended up in this situation.

The game introduces various VIM keys over time- as of now, this is what I have available to me: Command :keyboard shows available keys.

Essentially, I need to either find a set of keystrokes which would land the cursor on that block with the key or restart the game. Restarting wouldn't be too much of a hassle, just good review if anything, but I figured someone here might enjoy looking for a solution.

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    What's' your question? Are you asking us to play the game? – Nelson Dec 1 '17 at 4:01
  • @Nelson I'm just asking whether or not there would be a way, using VIM inputs, to solve this little puzzle. You don't need to play the game to understand, but you do need to understand VIM. – user15170 Dec 1 '17 at 16:13

I can imagine 2 possible solutions for now: 1. ** 2. 10k l 7j 2l 4j 3l

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  • I'm not sure why your answer got downvoted. Solution #1 will not work -- on the first * Vim will try to find all the text in the "word" (so, 5058223172), and since there's only one instance, the cursor will fall through the first non-blank character (5) and "die". But, I've just confirmed that Answer #2 works fine. If you edit out the first (non-working) answer, I'll upvote. – m_mlvx Sep 2 at 21:27

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