I’m considering buying the Expansion Pass for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. However, I have yet to complete the base-game’s story mode.

I’ve heard that some of the expansion content is set as a prequel before the main storyline, so I’m not sure if the DLC would impact my game at all.

Does the DLC content for Breath of the Wild affect gameplay before beating the main story mode? Or should I finish the base game before buying the DLC?


You can purchase the DLC and it will not affect your game play at first; you will just have extra side quests in your logs.

While you pay for the extra content, the items unlocked from expansion pass are not automatically given to you. Aside from Master Mode, everything is side quest driven and you must complete the quest in order to obtain it. If you ignore these quests, it would be as if you never installed the DLC. If you do obtain these items, it does affect the game play in the aspect of what these items allow you to do.

This is true for the new story content that was released within the 2nd DLC. This new story is completely independent from the base game and you have the option to do the quest or not.

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