I'm having fun with the new Aether Raids mode,
However I seem to be having too much fun as my Aether seems to burn out fast when I make multiple attacks.
After attacking a few times it appears that my Aether is going down by a random number each time:
I went from 106 Aether to 75,
then from 75 to 39.

This does not include the Aether I gained,
as I then went up to 46 Aether, Made another attack which brought me down to 9, but in that attack I got back some Aether so I'm sitting at 12. So the cost was 46 - 9 = 35 Aether.

With 12 Aether I click to make another attack, and I get a prompt saying "You need 38 Aether to make an attack"

So my first attack cost 31 Aether, by next attack cost 34 Aether, and then 35 Aether, finally if I could make another attack it would be 38 Aether.

I'm attacking with one unit from the bonus units only. (The other 3 units are not bonus units)

Is there anything that affects how much Aether it costs to make an attack?


I found the answer,

The First attack each day is free.
Each subsequent attack costs an amount of Aether based on your current Lift : enter image description here

This means if you have 3001 to 3100 lift, it would cost 40 Aether to attack.

Also as you progress and your lift increases, it takes more Aether to attack.

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