I borrowed a Switch from a friend to see if I wanted to buy one. Now I have enough to get one.

Since I’ll be setting up my own Nintendo account, how do I get my save data from that switch to the new one without using his account? I’m almost done with the main story mode, which means I can start catching shiny and high-IV Pokémon, and I don’t want to start all over.

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Individual save data transfer is quite difficult on the Switch. I believe you can transfer an entire Switch's configuration, but not individual game save data. (Unofficially, there are complicated ways to transfer individual save data through homebrew file managers.)

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    Also worth noting that if you DO transfer an account and all its data to a new Switch, it will be removed from the old one. I'm guessing that would be unacceptable to OP (or at least OP's friend) if he was playing on his friend's account.
    – Steve-O
    Dec 30, 2018 at 22:19

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