I have been playing a log of RDR2 recently. I have bought the PS4 only to play exclusive games. Hence, don't have a PS Plus subscription.

I want to know how long I played the game. Is there a generic way to do that? I would love to do it for games like RDR2, God Of War, etc.

If not generic, is there a specific way to check for RDR2 only?

I hope this is not a duplicate, if it is I am sorry.



No There Is no official way for a user to check their playtime statistics. And as for checking RDR2 playtime exclusively Rockstar didnt include the ability to check it unlike their former games (you could check a lot of your in-game stats on their website for GTA-V etc. ). You can enable an email from playstation that will send you your total playtime for the year but you can't check this whenever you want.


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    @ShrikantRaut Hopefully playstation will implement it. I heard it was available on XBox so Playstation might implememnt it for that reason. – Reflexive Jan 21 '19 at 11:59
  • I hope they implement is soon too. – darth-gamer Jan 21 '19 at 12:05

Yes, you can check all stats including playtime on rockstar's social club website. Just login with your platform account.

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  • Where on the website can you find this? You can edit this into your answer. – TheLethalCarrot Apr 2 at 11:26

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