For a while, I have been experimenting with NBT Data on Minecraft. Recently, I wanted to make a fox that trusts both me and a friend of mine, and I know this is possible, as they have the tag TrustedUUID.

However, I don't know how to use it. There are no tutorials about using this tag, and the Wikipedia, while mentioning it, does not give a good explanation. How can I use this to make a fox that trusts me and my friend?

I have tried to use only my friend's UUID, which did not work. I saw something about "M" and "L," but do not know how to use them. Is there any possible way to do this?

  • What were the commands you tried? – Fabian Röling May 23 at 21:51

You have to get your UUIDMost and UUIDLeast. To get those, use a website like http://mapmaking.fr/uuid/ or any other website that can show your UUID with UUIDMost and UUIDLeast, for example if you search me up (EpicProKillerFTW), you would see 3 things.

My UUID: 4d05a07a36ad4bc4854217220ba9a219

My UUIDMost: 5550018562567785412

My UUIDLeast: -8844481283210239463

Once you get those you can get your fox to be trusted by you and your friend using this(Change L and M to your UUIDLeast[L] and UUIDMost[M], the other set of UUIDs are my best friends.}:

/data merge entity 06de3220-88ae-4cf8-9f40-55135415a6b7 {TrustedUUIDs:[{L: -8844481283210239463L, M: 5550018562567785412L}, {L: -6334564698302257369L, M: -8038687027037716246L}]}


/summon fox ~ ~ ~ {TrustedUUIDs:[{L: -8844481283210239463L, M: 5550018562567785412L}, {L: -6334564698302257369L, M: -8038687027037716246L}]}

I hope this helped. Have a nice day!!! :D

If you don't get it, you can add me on Discord: EpicProKillerFTW#5048 and I'll guide you through it.

And it only works with 2 people, you and your friend. If you want others, then it won't work I don't think. I've tried it but only lets you have 2 TrustedUUIDs

  • If someone figures out how to have more than 2 TrustedUUIDs, please say so. – EpicProKillerFTW May 25 at 4:27

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