Please see this screenshot of task manager (Windows 10): enter image description here

As you can see, for any other game (like Counter Strike, Half Life), software like Adobe Photoshop, the GPU engine is shown GPU 1 (that is my NVIDIA 940MX graphics card).

But the cell under GPU engine is empty for Euro Truck Simulator game. It should either be GPU 0 (Intel HD) or GPU 1. But it's empty.

I noticed it suddenly today, when I realized my game is not that smooth even when I have a good laptop. I had a cheap laptop and had similar performance for the same game.

I also checked NVIDIA settings, where GPU is enabled for this game. See this also:

enter image description here

So what is the issue? Can it be fixed?


I figured it out! Actually it was using NVIDIA graphics card (GPU 1). The reason it was not shown in task manager was because the game was minimized at that time. I minimized the game to check performance in task manager, hence it was not shown at that time.

How did I know it using GPU 1 when game is not minimized? :

I pressed Shift Key 5 times accidently, and it minimized game as Sticky Keys notification appeared. While this my task manager was already open and for 1-2 seconds I observed GPU 1 - 3D written against Euro Truck game! It was just vanishing!

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    In future to troubleshoot, you can also look in Performance tab -> GPU under Task Manager. – Lore Friendly Dec 16 '19 at 3:36

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