I recently started working on a map and I encountered a problem when it comes to Mob death detection. I tried this setup but it just didn't work for me because I got really confused with it. So I'm asking if anyone knows how to do this?
I want to make something like a Mob Detection System. For example: the player kills a mob, the mob's death somehow sends a Redstone signal to a command block, which then teleports the player.

  • Rather than track mob death, why not track player mob kills? – aytimothy Mar 22 at 7:44
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    What kind of mob, how many mobs, please give some more information – Bloodbeast 234 Mar 22 at 9:06
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    Duplicate of How do I detect the death of a mob? – Fabian Röling Mar 22 at 11:48
  • "it just didn't work for me because I got really confused with it" is not a proper statement of your problem. What part of it didn't work? In what way? What have you tried yourself beyond that? – Fabian Röling Mar 22 at 11:48

Type this command into the chat:

/scoreboard objectives add mobKilled minecraft.killed:minecraft.zombie

Then in a repeating always active command block put this command in it:

/tp @a[scores={mobKilled=1..}] *your location here*

Then in a chain, conditional, always active command block connected to the repeating one:

/scoreboard players set @a[scores={mobKilled=1..}] mobKilled 0

The first command creates a scoreboard which tracks zombie deaths,

Then the repeating command block teleports all players who have killed a zombie to your location,

Then the chain command block resets the players score (The mob can be changed in the first command if you want, like this: minecraft.killed:minecraft.mobhere instead of zombie

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  • Worked like a charm! Thank you! – Quarix _CZ Mar 22 at 9:40
  • Thanks, I would appreciate it if you marked it as answer – Bloodbeast 234 Mar 22 at 10:49

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