I walk a lot and have Pokemon go opened, but my egg wont progress even 0.1 point when I walk enough to hatch a 5k egg.I have tried resetting my phone and have tried other tricks but with no fixing it.

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    Welcome to Arqade! When you say you walk a lot, do you go outside and walk around a neighborhood/park or do you use a treadmill or something similar? If the latter, the first thing to check would be if you have Adventure Sync enabled – Wondercricket Apr 30 at 19:40
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    Adding to this, you should also check if an egg is placed inside an incubator – MBorg May 2 at 7:54
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    Make sure to allow location tracking on PoGo app – gitsitgo Jun 9 at 15:33

You have to put eggs in an incubator to hatch them. From the egg screen, tap on an egg, and you should get a prompt with an "incubate" button.

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