Heavy assault often charge at us. Can we do matador style and get out just in time?

Also some heroes like Doomfist or Junkrat or Lucio or Pharah can knock people out of cliff.

Can this be done to Heavy assault?

Any video showing this? I know carrier tried to do this and fail. I wonder if heavy assault have a property "can't fall of cliff" or something. I also know many regular soldiers can be pushed off cliff by doomfist.


Blizzard have put a number of protective measures in place to make sure heavy assaults can't simply be wiped out like that.

  1. He cannot be moved with crowd control abilities like Pharah's Concussive Blast, Lucio's Soundwave, Orisa's Halt or Reinhardt's Charge.
  2. When the heavy assault charges, if that charge would end up traveling out of bounds, such as into the water, he will simply stop and end his charge early instead if falling in*. I presume the areas where the heavy assaults spawn in the mission maps have a number of blocking volumes set up specifically to prevent this. Additionally, on Retribution, if a heavy assault goes up onto the top floor of the central building and charges in a direction where there isn't a wall, he will stop rather than charge off the building, even though that fall wouldn't be fatal.

*If a player is being pinned when he stops, they will be released but keep the momentum they previously had, which normally results in them being thrown into the water unless they have a movement ability.

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  • any sources? How do you know – user4951 Jul 15 at 16:12
  • The source is my own personal experience. :) I've been playing Overwatch since before Retribution first came out so I've played the missions a lot, with nearly all heroes. The blocking volumes is an educated guess since it's easier to add them into the maps manually than develop a super smart AI that can detect or avoid drops. – BoffinBrain Jul 15 at 23:12

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