So, I've been playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, and I purchased the expansion pack in early 2020. On Pokemon Sword, where I had been Champion for months, ended most of the postgame, completed the Isle of Armor, and was currently attempting to fill the pokedex, I finished the Crown Tundra story up until the final legendary clue, which relates to the Ultra Wormhole that appears over the Max Lair. I went outside and got access to the Galarian Star tournament.

More recently, I tried to get the Galarian Star tournament on Pokemon Shield, where I was not yet champion. I completed the story to the same point, yet Leon never called me to invite me to the tournament. So, trying to find the cause of the issue, I became champion, completed the postgame, and completed much of the Isle of Armor. However, I STILL could not get to the Galarian Star tournament. I looked up the requirements to get to the tournament, and I think I've completed all of them, but I can't figure out what I need to do. What steps should I take to get there? If you have any questions about what I have or haven't done, please put them in the comments and I'll add the answers to my description.

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The requirements are:

  • Complete the Isle of Armor story. This is done after winning the last battle against Mustard. This can only be done after completing the non-DLC post-game story (stopping Sordward and Shielbert).
  • Start the "They Came From The Ultra Beyond!" quest (the Ultra Wormhole quest) by talking to Peony in the Max Lair.

You had mentioned that you had completed much of the Isle of Armor in Shield, but you need to complete all of the Isle of Armor story.


Complete the Crown Tundra's main story, then it should become unlocked.P.S. Not sure about this never played tha game before but looked up a answer on the 'net.

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