I have just created a Minecraft server to play with friends, but I would like to make sure that every time a player joins the server they spawn directly at spawn, instead of the last position they were in. Is there any way that I can do this?

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Set up a command block chain with the following command:

/spawnpoint @a x y z

X, Y, and Z being coordinates of the spawnpoint.


/setworldspawn will also work


If you're using a bukkit based server (bukkit, spigot, paper, etc) you can use EssentialsX and EssentialsX spawn. Then in config.yml you should go to

spawnpoint: <SPAWNPOINT NAME>

spawn-on-join: true

And in spawns yml you can manage your spawns. In your permissions plugin (I recommend luckperms) you can then set spawnpoints and exceptions per-group or per-player.

I recommend reading the documentation of the plugins and watching a tutorial if you're new to plugins.

If not using a plugin supporting server, you're probably limited to commandblock trickery.

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