Title. The steam GUI when I right click on them only shows Rust options, nothing for Terraria. The Terraria server works and I was in it, left for a second, and now I can't join back, due to them opening Rust. The friend is now AFK and in the future I would like to be able to join their game while they have Rust or another game open. How can I make it so I see the option to join their Terraria world while they are playing Rust?

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You can't do anything to make Terraria joinable when your friend is playing Rust. Steam allows you to join game sessions relatively easily when your friends are playing the same game (ie. you're both playing Terraria, or both playing Rust). However, if you are playing Terraria, and your friend is playing Rust, then you cannot join what does not exist in Steam's eyes.

Your friend would need to set up a dedicated Terraria server that runs your shared world, which you would connect to in-game via an IP address, rather than Steam's "Join Game" feature.

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    I originally interpreted the OP as if the OPers friend was running two dedicated servers at the same time, but Steam was only showing their friend as running the Rust one, so they could not join the Terraria one. I know if you have a dedicated server running using your Steam account, it will show that on the Steam UI. But even if this was the case, the IP-Address solution you talk about should still work, if the server is in fact running still.
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    Commented Aug 5, 2021 at 13:33

I can see you're in a hurry to get back into the server, so I've been as fast as possible with this answer! Unfortunately, I might not be able to help you get back in today. But here's how we can be prepared for when this happens again.

It's important to know that in this case you cannot join via the Steam friends list. It won't work. That's because when your friend is shown as in-game on Steam, the context options in the friends list will relate to only the game shown.

You need a different way to connect to your friend's Terraria server, and we're going to do this with their IP address. This is a bit like an internet phone number, and it will point your game straight to theirs. To get your friend's IP address, ask them to go to www.whatismyip.com. Now your friend just needs to tell you what the numbers are after it says "My Public IPv4". If there's any trouble finding the right one, look for four sets of numbers separated by dots, like this:

Now for the easy part! Here's what to do when you want to connect:

  • Open Terraria
  • Click "Multiplayer"
  • Select "Join via IP"
  • Type your friend's IP Address and press "Accept"
  • Type in the server password and press accept. Hopefully you still remember this. If not, then just ask your friend in advance

Optional Extra: If it's not working yet or you get an error, try adding :7777 to the end of the IP Address. After, the IP Address should look like this: Of course, make sure to use your friend's IP instead of all zeros!

That's it, hopefully you're now connected and ready to go! Just be sure to apologise for being late.

Steps to connect adapted from Ionos Terraria Server Hosting Guide: Step 7


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