I am playing Tomb Raider on Steam. Yesterday I claimed a free copy of Tomb Raider GOTY on Epic. Is there a way to move save files from Steam to Epic (I would like to try the GOTY features)? I moved the save files to a correct directory (%USERPROFILE%\Documents\Tomb Raider\[some guid]) but the game says they're corrupted. Any suggestions?

  • Theoretically, there's a lot of DLC + Survival Mode, and if the Steam version has none that should or some data that can't exist in the Epic version that could be an issue. Are they the same exact version other than GOTY + regular editions?
    – l3l_aze
    Jan 23 at 0:53
  • Have you found a solution to this?
    – Humble Val
    Feb 28 at 6:33
  • No. And since GOTY gives actually nothing important, I didn't care anymore.
    – bpiec
    Mar 1 at 7:02


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