I'm playing the GBA version of SMB2 JPN (also known as The Lost Levels). This game is hard! So I cheat and get more lives. And I do, but after I get more than 10, the "Lives Remaining" count is some weird sprite and not a number (the SNES version seems to correct this). For example, 15 lives look like a "Crown" and a "5".

I want to know: what does "Lives Remaining" look like when I have more than 10? Pictures, please.

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via gamefaqs:

... starting with 10 lives, the life counter will be glitchy. From 10-19 lives, you will see a crown followed by the ones digit; for example, if you have 15 lives, the counter will display a crown followed by 5. From 20-45 lives, the ones digit is a letter instead; to find out the number of lives you have, take the numerical value of the letter (A = 1, B = 2, C = 3 ... Z = 26) and add 19. For example, a crown followed by D is 19 + 4, or 23 lives. If you have 46 or more lives, the ones digit is a weird symbol, usually chunks of other pictures that exist in the game.

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