In the ending after the credits

A man (the subtitles say "Stargazer") and a boy star into the sky discussing "The Shepard" (which took place a while ago). The scenery/sky seem to be the same planet where the Normandy crashed.

Who is this man and child?

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In real life, it's Buzz Aldrin. In game:

I think that's supposed to be ambiguous. Some people think it is supposed to be Joker, but there's no official confirmation on that.

  • It's not Joker - the old man appears in the ending where the reapers win (which you get by shooting at the boy). In that ending, the old man and the child are supposed to be part of the next cycle, and they learned about Shepard from Liara's holo-documents (at least, in my ending - it might be different if Liara doesn't survive). Commented Sep 8, 2012 at 5:42

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