I've been dual wielding hand crossbows for an Act or so and it's been going very well thus far. The quivers and crossbows/bows I've come across so far haven't enticed me to switch and my good shield went on my Templar.

I find a number of blue/yellow hand crossbows now and again and I like the comparison to my current weapon.

Is there a way to have it compare to the off hand weapon instead? Or the lesser of the two equipped weapons?

Alternately would there be a serious disadvantage to putting my best weapon in my off hand and the lesser in the main slot?


Yes, you can press the Alt key to compare the weapon with the off-hand.

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    Too bad this toggles the enable/disable view of items on the ground at the same time.
    – Tharius
    May 22 '12 at 0:41

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