Glitterlance is a nice piercing spell that is fired by both Lulu and Pix, but a potential target can only be damaged by one. Problem is, most of the time Pix is close by and the two paths have a great degree of overlap (except when he is on enemies or allies using Help, Pix!)

I've tried to move laterally quickly during fights to reduce the overlap a little bit; but that is harder to do in big fights when there is more to keep track of.

How do I maximise the potential of Glitterlance attack to take full advantage of Pix' shot besides my own?

Edit: Both answers below are good, but as indicated I do know about Help, Pix! and am wondering on what else I can do besides that combo.


If you're in a big team battle, chances are your Glitterlance will hit multiple targets as long as you fire into the mass of the enemy. However, if you're looking for something more strategic besides aiming it into the majority, really Help, Pix! is the only real answer to spreading out the bolts.

If you cast Help, Pix! on an enemy, you can then almost assuredly hit them with Glitterlance even if they're running away, while still aiming your normal bolt at an enemy right in front of you. An alternative to this (which I rarely, if ever, see used) is that you can actually cast Help, Pix! on a minion and launch the second bolt from that point (as long as the minion stays alive). This can be incredibly useful for slowing down a fleeing enemy or just extending the range and effectiveness of your Glitterlance.

And finally, don't forget that Help, Pix! can also be cast on allies -- meaning you can then launch the Q from them, as well. With this versatility, its use is actually very customizable, even if it requires a good bit of creativity and fast thinking.


During team fights you usually want to use your Help Pix on your allied AD carry. Position yourself so the Glitterlance will hit as many of your opponents in a single shot.

When chasing multiple enemies you Help Pix the nearest opponent and the Glitterlance through them all.

When enemies are chasing a teammate, Help Pix -> Glitterlance can make wonders.

In laning phase when playing as a support I like to Help Pix the opponent's AD carry, then wait a moment and use Glitterlance for a guaranteed damage.

EDIT: When playing support Lulu, the damage fro Glitterlance is not usually what you are aiming for but the utility.

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