Ok, so I leveled my employee King Ackbar up to level 5 in all jobs and now he's an Hardware Engineer but I dont see how to make my own console.

Also how many Offices are there to upgrade to?

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If you have a Hardware Engineer but cannot make a console by going to Develop > Console, you're not in the 3rd office. That option only becomes available once you enter the 3rd office. You will get the offer to go to the 3rd office around the 10-year mark for $25k, and it will be the final office you are offered.


Buy 6 career change manual from Salesman

Get one employee Coder with level 5.

Apply career change manual in this employee and change your career to Writer.

Level up career writer to level 5.

Repeat this process for all the following careers:

  • Sound Engineer
  • Director
  • Designer
  • Producer

Apply career change manual again and Hardware Engineer be able in menu.

Now you can create a console in Develop menu.

Be ready to pay a salary of about 500k for that employee

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    @Joe indicates that he has a hardware engineer already, but cannot make a console.
    – Shaun
    Feb 16, 2011 at 19:50

If you have a hardware engineer, you should have an option in the menu for Develop->Console.

  • While true, you also have to be in the 3rd office to have that option, as my answer indicates. :)
    – Shaun
    Feb 16, 2011 at 19:51

Actually, you need to get more fame and win as many awards as you can to get more money. And you can also do contracts to gain a lot of money before making a console.

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