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Commander Keen is a series of space-exploration platform games developed by id Software between 1990-1991, as well as a Game Boy Color release in 2001

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HUD in Commander Keen is blank while recording in OBS

Game is Commander Keen 1, Invasion of the Vorticons (1.31 1/23/90) Recording using OBS 26.0.2 (64-bit Windows), and DOSBox 0.74-2 (using output=opengl in dosbox.conf) While recording/streaming, ...
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How to get around big fish in the well level?

I started to play Commander Keen again after I saw that you can buy it in a Dos Box on Steam. Some 21 years ago I played Commander Keen 4 and now I wanted to try that again. I finished all the levels ...
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How do I enter the cheat codes for Noclip, Immortality, etc?

In the original Commander Keen series, there were keyboard-entered cheat codes that granted, among other things, immortality, noclip, and flight. I think those were the three major ones, and I would ...
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Why is there a Commander Keen sprite in Doom II?

In the original sprites in Doom II, there is a sprite of Commander Keen. Why is he there?
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How do I turn on GOD mode in the first Commander Keen?

I'm playing through the first Commander Keen and sick of falling on clam shells. How do I turn on GOD mode?
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