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GOG Galaxy and Ubisoft Connect: Connection lost

As title says, I can't connect and load my games. I have followed this forum which said: Go to: %LOCALAPPDATA%\\Galaxy\plugins\installed\uplay_afb5a69c-b2ee-4d58-b916-f4cd75d4999a\ Open consts....
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Is it possible to run GOG Galaxy inside Steam via steam-store application?

I know that on Steam it is possible to run non-steam applications and games via "Add non-steam game", but I'm running Steam via Geforce Now service where this way doesn't work. You can add ...
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How to install the 16 "free DLC" packs (GOG Galaxy)?

I understand that the DLC packs have been bundled as one package, but have to be installed separately (GOG). I have the GOG version, regional game extras have been cut off from the image (GOG Galaxy ...
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How do I create a desktop shortcut for GoG Galaxy games after installing them?

Apparently, you can create a shortcut when first installing a game using GoG Galaxy. I forgot to enable that option for Witcher 3 when installing it, so I don't have a shortcut on my desktop. ...
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Is there an auto update for the GoG Galaxy Client?

How does the GoG Galaxy Client Update? I can't find any option to run an update manually but it also does not seem to update itself automatically. How do I update the bloody thing?
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