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Is the Guitar Hero World Tour guitar model 95451.805 compatible with dongle 95451.806?

I got a PS3 Guitar Hero World Tour guitar model 95451.805 with no dongle and I'm trying to find which dongle would be compatible with it. I've seen on ebay the dongle model 95451.805, but it's always ...
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Can I use Rock Band Drums with Guitar Hero World Tour on the Wii?

I've picked up some Rock Band drums (cable, 4 drums) and have plugged them into my Wii, but they dont work with Guitar Hero World Tour (it doesn't recognize them). How can I get them to work?
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7 votes
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Can I use a Wii Guitar Hero Guitar on PC?

For Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Guitar Hero: World Tour, can I use a wireless Wii Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock controller on PC with a Bluetooth Dongle? My controllers ...
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What does each cheat do in Guitar Hero: World Tour?

I can easily find a list of cheats for Guitar Hero: World Tour by just searching the web. However, even after unlocking so many cheats, I still don't know what they do. Some cheats are quite ...
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In Guitar Hero: World Tour, what does the string between slider notes mean?

In Guitar Hero: World Tour, I've noticed there are two different kinds of notes that are designed to be used specifically with the slider touch pad on the guitar. Both types of notes are hollow-ish ...
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Can you unlock extra songs with in-game earned money in Guitar Hero World Tour?

In all of the previous Guitar Hero games I've played, you could always unlock songs from some in-game "store", but I cannot find such a store in this game. Does it exist?
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Wii Guitar Hero World Tour microphone

What kind of microphones are supported by Wii Guitar Hero World Tour? I bought a box which contained one guitar only and would like to get a complete kit; two guitars, drums and microphone. Can I use ...
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